Add 854x480 into 3rd encoder

Hi @admin,

Could you add resolutions up to and including 854x480 into the 3rd encoder? I manually changed the dropdown using the browser web inspector, added 854x480 and it works perfect (it has been working this way almost a year now). But if I want to change another parameter I need to again manually add 854x480 back into the list.



Would it be possible to add 854x480 into the 3rd encoder settings?


My dear friend

Sorry, I can’t do that.
As you can see, the FBE200 has three video streaming outputs, and their resolution is getting lower and lower.
This is because the CPU computing power of FBE200 is limited. If all three video streams are high resolution output, its stability will be reduced.
So the resolution of 3rd can’t be too high.

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