Add Option: Mode 1 Channel (Mono) Audio Encode

Hello friends, would someone be so kind as to include the option to encode audio in a single channel (Mono)? This would be to save bandwidth and have better sound quality.

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I rarely use mono mode.
But I think the double channel sound effect will be better than mono.

Double channel do take up more bandwidth than mono,
But the bandwidth occupied by audio is very small compared to the video.
So I don’t think it’s necessary to entangle this bandwidth.

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hola amigo, efectivamente tienes razón, el año pasado me han otorgado un firmware con el AAC-HE desbloqueado para RTMP con el fin de ahorrar ese ancho de banda, desafortunadamente sólo funcionaba con VLC y no era compatible con servidores Rtmp. Aunque no lo creas estamos en un país subdesarrollado y con internet escaso (Paraguay) Para nosotros sí sería de gran utilidad poder transmitir a 128 Kbps Mono en lugar de 256 Kbps Estéreo porque aquí el ancho de banda es escaso y no podemos darnos ese lujo, debemos ahorrar para tener una emisión “fluida”. Si es que está en sus manos nos gustaría que nos envíen un firmware con la opción de codificar audio en mono.
Hello friend, you’re right, last year I was granted a firmware with the AAC-HE unlocked for RTMP in order to save that bandwidth, unfortunately it only worked with VLC and was not compatible with Rtmp servers. Believe it or not we are in an underdeveloped country and with scarce Internet (Paraguay) For us it would be very useful to be able to transmit at 128 Kbps Mono instead of 256 Kbps Stereo because here the bandwidth is scarce and we can not afford that, we must save to have a “fluid” emission. If it is in your hands we would like you to send us a firmware with the option to encode audio in mono.


In theory, doing your steps should get a mono audio, but I regret to deny your theory. See that VLC warns me that it continues coding the audio in Stereo.

Video stream is 768 kbps, audio stream is less than 9% (48 kbps - 6%). What are you fighting for?

I want to transmit a 128kbps stereo instead of 256kbps

I want to transmit at 128 kbps mono, instead of 256 kbps stereo. to have more quality in a single channel and save a bit of bandwidth, according to all of you it is very little, but I tell you, here in my country that saving is worth gold.


someone from the developers would be kind enough to include that option, I do not think it takes too much work, I think it would take the same time we have discussing how much% is the savings :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

My dear friend

  1. Because AAC is stereo coding, decoding will also be stereo display.
    When you select MP3 in the encoding format, VLC can see mono.
    At the same bandwidth, AAC’s sound quality will be better than MP3.

  2. In the “Audio encode” option, there is an audio code stream setting that can be selected according to your environment.
    But you need to test whether the audio effect of low code stream meets your requirements.

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