Adding a Stream On/Off Button


Hello I really like the FBE-200H.264 encoder. Seems to work well.

My issue with the unit is that you have to unplug the unit to not broadcast. It would be a very nice feature to be able to turn the stream off / on as need with a button like the Cerevo/Teradek does.

I service lots of churches that are always looking for an easy way to broadcast. I think this would be an excellent upgrade on the next release. I think this would sell a lot of boxes for you too. How would you go about becoming a dealer? I would love to partner with you to provide US based support.
Thank you,
Paul Wood


My friend:

it is need a Physical button?




Hello that is a way to make it work. But reality is that I need it to be where I can do it from the web interface. Many of these that will be deployed I will be working remotely.


This is done in three steps …


It would be really nice if there was an “on/off” toggle on the status page, maybe a master on/off but also one on each encoder that affects not only the RTMP but RTSP, multicast and unicast all at once.


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