Audio In - volume drops after 1 hour


I am having an issue with the fbe200 in which I plug in the output from the mixer and it works perfectly fine for about 1 hour. The output of the mixer is consistent and there is no change in the settings. Then after the one hour, the sound suddenly goes very soft. Even a reboot of the fbe200 would not solve the issue but a reboot should not be needed. I have bought a second fbe200 and it still does the same thing. any help in fixing this would be appreciated.


My dear friend Amos

I am very sorry for my late reply.
The problem you encountered is the first time I saw it.

I suspect your mixer caused this problem.
I need some information from you.
I can help you solve problems better.
1.The picture of your mixer.
2.How does the mixer connect to FBE200?
3.After an hour of work, is there no voice or is there a decrease in voice?
4.FBE200 management interface screenshots.(Normal work and volume drops)

have a good day

Hi Jimmy,

Here is a picture of the mixer:

The mixer is connected to the audio input of the FBE200 through the MON1 SEND to a EBTECH LINE LEVEL SHIFTER

The output of the mixer is connected from the MON1 SEND to the +4dBu then the -10 dBu is sent to the audio in of the FBE200 through a wire that doubles the mono output into stereo going into the FBE200.

After one hour, the voice decreases to very soft.

I will post up the screenshots when I get them a little later.

Any help would be appreciated.

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