Audio slower than original and not synced with video & general problems streaming

I have been trying to get this FBE200 encoder to work for several days and am about ready to throw it away. I have tried multiple settings after reading your bbs posts and still I have nothing but problems. I either have a defective unit or your product does not do what you advertise.

The stream is unreliable, especially the sound, even when I watch the local rtsp stream. I have tried different audio sample rates, and different audio encode rates.

I even installed the latest firmware.

I have tried different video resolutions and bitrates and can’t even get a single stream to send reliably. When I use a simple software encoder on the same network with two streams of equal sizes that I tried on the FBE200, that software encoder streams

What is wrong with your product or what do I need to do to get it to operate properly?

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Thank you for the very detailed description.
When we check the Source audio ,we found it is 44100hz ,but the setting is try to Compressed it to 32000hz.

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That helped some with the sync of audio and video. I am encoding a musical group. The audio is stuttering and changing pitch. It seems to be variable. It seems to slow down and speed up- back and forth - like the encoder is not keeping up with the incoming data. And this is at the slowest bit rate of 48kbps.

I just tested it with a sine wave generator and it is doing exactly as I described. The encoded signal occasionally will be close to the same pitch but then drops in pitch and the pops (stutter) in the signal become more frequent. Then the encoded pitch will go up, then back down.

In my last post, when I refer to pitch, I am talking about the frequency of the tone.

Set FPS=30

We have an odd difference with the questions here. Our video is behind the audio. No way to corect this, High rate, resample or what ever.
It is the IP stream of our local Television broadcast station link: http://midvliet.nl/index.php/televisie/tv-live-stream-test-2