Block border around 1080p video

I have an FBE200 with a firetv 4k stick plugged directly into it.

Its working great except there is a black border around the video.

The encoder has 1920x1080, CBR, 8000 kbps set as the main media (which is what im streaming)

any idea what could get rid of this?

My dear friend

What does the black border look like?
Can you send me some pictures?
And give me some screenshots of the FBE200 background management interface.

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Here is a full screen (1080p) inside of plex media server.

And here is one inside of VLC

Here is the encoder settings

Sorry … here is the VLC screenshot

My dear friend

This should be a problem with your video source.
You use a monitor to test whether your video source has the same black border.

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Curious, what resolution is the “FireTV 4K Stick” set to?

Is it higher then 1080p ?

This is caused by the overscan/scale settings in the FireTV display options. Most TV devices still use overscan and crop the screen to match older players. You need to adjust the Fire TV display settings and disable any scaling. Put all markers to the borders. Of course to see this on your TV you need to disable overscan on the TV.