BMP and PNG starts to upload and Fails to load

I am new to this and I tried to load a logo. I updated my firmware and I have tried BMP and PNG from Paint and photoshop. I get to 50% and it fails. is there a size limit or what do I need to do to fix this

My dear friend

Please give me the firmware version of your fbe200 and the uploaded files.
Let me see what went wrong.

have a good day

Firmware Version is E265-20190624-HLS

Also I am having issues with setting the FBE200 with Facebook live producer. Is there anyone that could help.
The help videos cover youtube and the post that cover FB-live does not look like the FB live producer that comes up on my screen

Let’s make an appointment. Let’s use AnyDesk and I will set FBE200 for you remotely.