Box seems to lock after 5-10 minutes of streaming to youtube and has to be rebooted

We just got the H.264 FBE200 box. We set it up as per instructions to stream to youtube. Easy enough and the stream came right up.

After about 5-10 minutes - the live stream pauses. The only way to bring the stream back online again is to reboot the box. It then works again for 5-10 minutes and then freezes.

Would appreciate any help or advice to stabilize this stream.

My dear friend

  1. Give me some screenshots of the FBE200 admin screen when the streaming video stops
  2. Is your video source working normally all the time during the live broadcast? No stopping of work

have a good day

Yes, video source is working normally.

My dear friend

From your screenshot, I can’t see any problem with the fbe200
Are you sure these screenshots were taken when the streaming video stopped?

You can try to do this, you can identify the problem

  1. Observe whether the interrupt count in the status of fbe200 is 0 when the streaming video stops.
    If it’s 0, it’s caused by your video source

  2. Start RTSP protocol of fbe200 main stream.
    When the streaming video stops, use VLC to watch RTSP protocol.
    If you can watch it normally, it’s caused by YouTube or your network
    If you can’t watch it normally, it’s caused by fbe200 or video source

  3. Or when the streaming video stops, let’s go to TeamViewer, and I’ll help you find out the problem remotely

have a good day