Can I play streaming video directly on IE?



I have installed the VLC plug-in in IE11. I tried to watch the streaming video directly on IE by IE only asked me whether I wanted to download the “main” file.

VLC Media Player Plugin Detector

Plugin version: 2,2,4,0
Plugin status: installed & enabled, version is >= 2,0,0,0

ActiveX enabled / ActiveX scripting enabled: true
ActiveX Filtering enabled: false


My friend:

As the browser’s security measures continue to escalate, there is often a random ban on VLC.
But now we are in win7 ie9 / ie10 test is possible.
We recommend direct download VLC installation use, please go to download

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I installed the VLC with VLC plug-in during the initial installation. That was what I did. Most of our units have Win 10 LTSB installed. There is no way to downgrade the IE to IE10 or older version. Will Chrome browser work? Many digital signage software use Chrome browser or Chrome OS platform.


Try embedding video.js from in your webpage, and any browser will be able to play the video, no plugins needed to install. It can play directly the MP4 format, but HLS can be embedded aswell, see the other topics in this forum.

(i would also consider embedding video.js in FBE200’s web interface too)