Cannot HTTP connect to FBE200 Web Manager

Sure, but let me know your working time and timezone first so that we can set by PM a TeamViewer session. :smiley:

I still do have the problem, once i switch to vlc muxer the box web interface cannot be accessed anymore. I need to plug off the hdmi and then switch back to ffmpeg muxer.

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Please upgrade the latest firmware and restore the factory settings, then test again.

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My dear friend

I work from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Chinese time

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@Jimmy alright can we meet tomorrow at 2:30 PM (Shenzen time)?

If yes I send you the details by PM just 30 minutes before. :grin:

Hello, i have the firmware E265-20191212-HLS , which is not available anywhere via download and also no newer versions. The device was new and set up two days ago.

@Cr4z33 OK, no problem

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Sorry, I read the wrong firmware version number and thought it was before 2018.
Now your firmware is up to date.
I will test your problem and fix it.

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Please give me the screenshot of your fbe200 background management interface, OK?


Please upgrade this firmware and restore to factory settings, then test again.
EApp.bin (3.8 MB)

@Jimmy I forgot I actually cannot access the Web Manager at all so what if I open an external Telnet connection for you?

Would you be able then to flash it that way with your admin access? :thinking:

Yes, no problem

Or we can do TeamViewer

After disconnecting the HDMI cable, can’t you access the Web Manager?

Many thanks, switching to VLC muxer now works including HDMI connected and streaming active.

In the future, you are welcome to raise the bug of FEB200 or the function you want to add.

@Jimmy sorry for the late reply, but I’ve been away for some days.

I had to find out that if I change the HTTP TS to IP port then ALSO the Web Manager port changes…

Now I am perfectly able to login, but you people at FMuser should state that in capital letters lol!

Also the firmware upgrade was not possible if you were coming from the December 2019 revision.
So I had to downgrade to June 2019 revision first and then I was able to apply your fix BIN.

For the time being thank you for your support and I hope now I can go on by setting up the device finally. :smiley:

@Jimmy something is not right with either your device or your firmware.

I am having issues again at trying to login.
I get ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED and this is happening with factory default settings (so no other password or port).

Can your computer Ping

Yes it can.

Also Telnet was working before (asking of course for login).
Now it simply refuses the connection…