Can't connect after activating to DHCP


We can’t seem to connect to the FBE200 after we switched on DHCP. When we attach the device directly to a computer and configure the IP manually, we can ping it, but after a few pings the connection drops. It won’t load the admin interface. However opening a non-existent page (on port 8080) (e.g shows an ngnix 404 error.

Strangely a port scan reveals that only port 23 (telnet) and port 8080 (http-alt) are open.

I’ve tried all steps outlined in other similar topics. Could the device be faulty?


My friend:

Try it follow:

  1. Do Not use the FBE200 inside DHCP, Just use your router DHCP, The fbe200 only use manually IP

  2. Try to find out the other machine, maybe computer, maybe another encoder use the same ip address

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Hey tomlee,

We have tried that already but it still isn’t working. We connected to it directly by setting the IP manually (like when setting it up) but the web interface won’t load. I am able to open the RTSP and HLS streams which we’ve set up (so the IP configuration works) but not the web interface. I can also open a Telnet connection, but don’t have a login for it.

We did a 30-30-30 reset, but it doesn’t seem to have reset the device to factory settings. Could the firmware be corrupted by a hard reset?


My friend:

Do you have the Vesion of the encoder like " E264-20170908"?


Hey, where would we see the version? We can’t access the admin/dashboard. The device we have is the FBE200-H.264 which was bought 2 months ago. Not sure which version/firmware was installed in the factory at that time.


My friend:

Go to the Statu pages.


I can’t access the web interface… The http server isn’t loading. The only ports/interfaces that load are 23 (for Telnet) or 8080 (http-alt used for HLS streaming). I think that the firmware isn’t booting up properly. Can we arrange a replacement or refund please.


My friend:

If you had do the reset ,it also not work.
Please call the amazon return it.

I am sorry for it, Every day we are update the fbe200 software.
It will be better and better.

have a good day.


Alright. I bought this directly from so I will contact Rita Cai directly. Thanks.