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I have been having trouble with my YT and FB streaming lately - my internet is fine (optic cable), my computer is fine and I have updated the firmware - but if my YT is working then the FB stream is down, if the FB is working then the YT stream is down. So I’ve tweaked the bitrate for both and it doesn’t help. So today I messed with something - I thought it might be the type of connection to the internet so I clicked the network tab, and clicked on the drop down - and clicked the other option (not manuel) and now I can’t get signed in at all. When I go to it says “can’t reach page” and when I click “troubleshoot” it says “your computer appears to be correctly configured but the device or resource is not responding”
HELP I am supposed to go live for a brand video tomorrow and need both YT and Fb working


Do you mean you set the IP Address to DHCP for the computer, or on the FBE200 ?

See if you can find ‘Colasoft Mac Scanner’, it will scan the network for you, using the IP ranges your ethenet or wifi is operation on, and will tell you what the new IP address of the device is.

I’m assuming your internet router is serving the DHCP addresses to all the devices on your network, and will assign the same range to your PC as it does to the FBE200, with a different final number of course :wink:

Another way to find the IP Address of the FBE200, is to log in to the router and see what devices are connected to it, if you have admin access to it.

As for your initial issue, Facebook and Youtube try to prevent people streaming to both at the same time, they want you to use Only one of them, rather then each other.
vMix has a whole spiel about it, with some method of hiding the facebook feed from youtube.


My dear friend

I’ll send you a local area network scanning tool for FBE200, which can scan out the FBE200 in the local area network and tell you the IP address.
FMUSER-FBE200-IP-SearchTool.rar (656.1 KB)

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