Can't stream more than 6Mb FBE200


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Latest firmware, set to H.264, CBR or VBR, I type in 8000 for bit rate but always goes back to 6000. Other streams (ext, 3rd) are set low (50). Please help.


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How many internet Upload bandwidth(Mbps ) do you have now ?

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This is on a local 1Gb/sec network not over public internet. The encoder and decoder are on the same hub.


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could you send me some screen shout of setting?

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Here is screen before changes:

Here is screen after clicking “apply” (note 8000):

Here is status screen after clicking back to home (note 6000):


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Try to close the HLS at access page and reboot.
it will no limited any more .

next upgrade we will try to set it to 10mbps when you use HLS.

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FMUSER iptv Encoder FBE200 last Firmware Upgrade List for Download

That worked! All better! Thank you!
What does the HLS Select setting do?


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The HTTP Live Streaming(HLS) is Apple’s Dedicated streaming media protocol.

If you want to see the video just in office, not live on internet ,and you also want to see the video on mac/ iphone ,it will help you work for it .

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