DirectShow and/or IP Camera stream


Can an HDMI camera connected to an IPTV FBE200 be seen on the LAN as an IP camera and/or a Windows DirectShow source? My goal is to have an HDMI camera at a distance from a computer and be able to call up the camera stream as if it were plugged into a capture card (i.e. Osprey 700e-HD). Axis makes encoders that do this but they only offer analog connections and only D1 resolution.


Yes, of course, you will get HD stream.


so for instance in any program that is looking for an IP camera and/or a DirectStream source, the IPTV FBE200 with a camera connected will show up with the local IP you assigned? I’m thinking programs like Adobe FMLE, OBS, Wirecast and XSplit.


FBE200 supports protocol of HTTP, RTSP, Unicast IP, Multicast IP, RTMP and ONVIF. You can
choose any of them on the access page according to your application.


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  1. HDMI ==> FBE200 Encoder ==>NETWORK=========>COMPUTER==>VLC to Preview.
    it is for local network.

  2. HDMI ==> FBE200 Encoder ==>Internet=========>DaCast/Ustream==>Phone/computer/Browser Preview
    it i for internet, but you need to pay DaCast/Ustream every month.

  3. HDMI ==> FBE200 Encoder ==>Adobe FMLE===>Internet====>Phone/computer/Browser Preview
    it is for internet, you not need to pay to server month fee ,but you must need a good internet connection.

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