Doesn't work (FBE200-LAN)


With default settings, I’m not able to preview the video stream.

  • I own another H.264 encoder (I wanted to replace it with FBE-200 because this has audio in). I tested same camera (GoPro) and same network/HDMI cable. It works with this other device so I know cables and device are good.
  • When I try to open Main RTP stream in VLC, no video
  • When I publish to RTMP server, no video. This works with my other encoder device. (Tried Main and 3rd streams)
  • Tried different network settings. Gateway matches router.

Because all my equipment works with the other encoder device, it has to be something with this hardware or software.


My friend:

  1. As we know the GoPro is get out up to 120fps streaming video.
    Try to set it to 1280@30fps first.

  2. Please send some screen shout about the encoder setting and the network.

have a good day.