Don't know how to connect to FBE200 on my MAC Computer


I’m a New User, I Haven’t been able to connect to the FBE200.

I have the ethernet cable connected to the Computer and the Fbe200
I type on my browser “” and nothing comes on…

How do I Access the WEB Administrator Page??


My friend:

Could you send more detial about your network of computer?


Never tried connecting the encoder directly to a machine before. Don’t you have a router you can use. The encoder IP is in manual (, so your router dhcp must be in -


I have the same problem I tried 3 computers but the same result
1 - I connect feb200 to my pc to my lan card has 2 ports one goes to modem and the 2 one to feb200 . it s showing in network but not connect to network with strange ipv4 167 . --.–.-- not .
so when I type this page can not disply.
2- connect feb200 to switch and my computer to the same switch my computer works but not feb200


the same result when I connect feb200 to my lan using the 2 lan card .
even my pc connect to network by cable or wifi


please give me video showing a b c connection because I thing my unit feb200 is defective


Try connecting to fbe 200 to the router and not the Pc. Does your router only have one port?