Encoder FBE200 H.265 HLS picture strobe/stutter

Hi Support,

Im using 2 encoders and one of them picture is strobing or stutters after 2 or 3 days run.
Then i need to login and reboot the device. Then stream working perfectly till the picture issue comes up again.
Is there a fix for this?

Secondly i want to know what these settings are . please see screenshot

another issue is that im lossing connection sometimes with my decoder.
Network ping is 3-4 ms. no timeouts.
Any chance i should make in settings MTU or TTL value?
My netwerk is fiber layer2.
Decoder brand UrayCoder


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  1. What protocol do you use for transmission? Can I have a stroboscopic picture of the image?
  2. When the image flickers, can you use the computer’s VLC for testing? See if the same problem occurs with the image.
  3. MTU and TTL are used to control the settings of network packets
  4. If you use UDP for transmission, you need to select UDP mode according to the network port rate of the router
  5. If UDP is used for transmission, the switch must have ipgm function

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