ERROR #263 transmisor 1000 Watts


Buenas noches con todos, tengo un transmisor de 1000 watts, pero al momento de subir a mas de 600 watts sale, ERROR #263, y se bloquea, por favor su amable ayuda urgente para saber que es lo que debo hacer.


My dear friend

Error 263 is caused by the damage of the transmitter’s control board.
I’m very sorry to tell you.
You need to replace the control board.
Can you replace it yourself?

If you can, please contact the transmitter salesman who sells it to you. Tell him about your situation.
If not, you need to send it back to us for repair.

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My friend can you help me, i send you a screen shot of my transmitter, i dont no what is “VSWR” and “DRIVE”, There is no measure in which it must be for its perfect functioning.



My dear friend

  1. VSWR stands for standing wave ratio.
    You can understand that the antenna reflects the transmitted power back to the transmitter’s ratio.
    It must be controlled below 1.5 or it will burn down the transmitter easily.
  2. DRIVE stands for driving force. You can understand how many signals are needed by the preamplifier to drive the ratio of the whole power amplifier.
    If it reaches 100%, the transmitting power will be lower than the rated power.
  3. Now that your VSWR is too high, you need to shut down the transmitter immediately and check the cause.
    which is due to your antenna or feeder.
    You can tell me what antenna to use and give me some photos.
    You can also refer to the following articles.
    How to solve the transmitter SWR is too high

have a good day


Thanks my Friends I change the antena and the New numbers was it. Check this picture please!



My dear friend

This is a very good picture.
The transmitter is working very well now.

have a good day