Expected perf on FBE200


Just to say i am very satisfied with this product i am using for more than 2 years.
i wanted to know how many connections or sessions simustaneously the FBE200-H265-HLS can accept ?
My main stream is configured with H264/Main Profile/CBR/FPS25/GOPS25/2048 kbps.
Is there a way to check cpu/utilisation/load ?

Any advise is welcome.

Many Thanks.


My dear friend

  1. To view the CPU status of fbe200, you need to use telnet to enter the management background. We will not open this content to the public for the time being.
  2. If you use the UDP protocol, there is no limit to the number of connections.
  3. If you are using a protocol other than UDP and the bandwidth is sufficient, the recommended number of connections is 15.

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Hello Jimmy,

Thanks for your response.
I use http (so tcp and not udp) to connect directly to the fbe200. So url like, what is the max number of session i could have ?


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HTTP is based on TCP.
So the number of HTTP users is about 15.
The premise is enough bandwidth.

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