Facebook scheduled events don't connect

We are using an FBE200 with an HD camera. We schedule weekly broadcasts a few days ahead.
We are on our second FBE200 as the first one just died. The camera is turned on a few minutes before the event (green LED is solid). The Facebook gives the countdown and then says going live but does not connect. If I reset the power to the FBE200 it will then connect.
Alternatively I can setup an Go Live session and it works fine.
It seems normal operation is that if the camera is running it should connect. I read on the facebook page to check preview 20 minutes before the event. We did not have to do that before.
Is the preview necessary and 20 minutes ahead of going live? Like I said before, we did not have to do this with the old box before it died.

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Please give me a screenshot of the background management interface when FBE200 can’t connect to Facebook.

It may be that FBE200 can not correctly identify the input signal.
FBE200 has been in the boot state, after closing the camera and not pulling out the HDMI line, this situation will occur when the camera is turned on again.
This HDMI handshake protocol resulted in

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Here is my log for the latest test where the FBE200 was connected but when the camera turned on, the Yellow LED did not start blinking fast (like it saw the camera and started broadcasting) and Facebook event would not start.
Test 19 result.pdf (4.2 MB)

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I saw the pictures you sent me.
It was found that FBE200 did not detect video input when you connected the camera,
so Facebook could not start.

And when you restart FBE200, it will return to normal.
This is a problem caused by HDMI handshake protocol
I’m very sorry, because this protocol protects HDMI data transmission,
so we can’t solve this problem from the root.

I suggest you do this.

  1. When you connect the camera, reinsert the HDMI cable or restart the FBE200
  2. Open the Watchdog Function of FBE200

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Thank you for looking into this and providing an explanation. I will try the watchdog otherwise I will just have to reset it as part of the pre-go live process.