Facebook will not use RTMP anymore


Facebook will not use RTMP anymore; Only RTMPS can be used.
The FBE200 can use RTMPS?

Link: https://developers.facebook.com/blog/post/2018/04/24/new-facebook-platform-product-changes-policy-updates/


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Thank you very much for your feedback.
We have some firmware customized by others that supports RTMPS.
The normal version of firmware will also support RTMPS in subsequent upgrades

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I await the new firmware.
Thanks Jimmy !


How do we get the firmware that allows for rtmps? Our Facebook link already switched to rtmps so we can’t stream right now.


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where could we get a copy of those firmwares that support RTMPS? we urgently need it since in less than a month we will no longer be able to transmit on facebook



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Firmware supporting RTMPS has been made, but its stability is still being tested.
We will upload the firmware to the forum within this week.
You can download the new firmware at the following links
FMUSER iptv Encoder FBE200 last Firmware Upgrade List for Download

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Facebook will not abandon the RTMP protocol until May 1.
you can still use the RTMP protocol to push the stream.

In Facebook’s push interface, just uncheck “Use a secure connection” (SSL).

Firmware supporting RTMPS will be uploaded to the forum within this week

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Please make the firmware that allows RTMPS available ASAP. Facebook converted my account last week. So, I can no longer live stream to them. :slight_smile:


I too am looking forward to the firmware update to include RTMPS. Last week we could not stream to Facebook, although I did not realize you could simply uncheck “Use a secure connection (SSL)” in the options.

Please quickly create this update soon! I trust in your products and like them a lot.



My dear friend

Firmware supporting RTMPS protocol has been uploaded to the Forum
FMUSER iptv Encoder FBE200 last Firmware Upgrade List for Download
For the time being, only the firmware of the E264/E265 version is made, and the other versions will be done later.
If you encounter any problems, please feel free to contact me.

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Can stream now in wowza streaming engine, the normal rtmp not work, please fix


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What do you mean by normal RTMP?
YouTube, Facebook or Twitch?

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Normal rtmp as wowza streaming engine installed in my Cloud server ,do you test in my server? I send you a message with my server to test


I installed and tested the new firmware on my FBE200. I can now use RTMPS to stream to Facebook. Thanks for the update. :grinning:


I have installed the firmware and am still having issues pairing my FBE200 to facebook live. I’m not sure if I am imputing the server URL and Persistant key properly. Currently I am placing both as one line in the URL mode with no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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Please give me some pictures of your FBE200 background management interface.
Or let’s go to TeamViewer.I’ll configure FBE200 remotely for you.

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I have upgraded the firmware but still cannot pair the encoder to facebook. Using url mode. Please advise.


My dear friend

Can you send me some screenshot of your FBE200 background management interface?
Or let’s do Team Viewer

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Hi Jimmy, do you have viber/skyp or any other method to contact you or direct email? I am not sure how to set up team viewer. I am avaialbe tomorrow 12-14:00 pacific standard time if possible? Can you please email me direct at it.is.ibm@gmail.com ?


I have already answered you by email.