Fb200 for Facebook Live streaming setup


How to live video streaming to facebook

Configuring FBE200 for Wowza RTMP Streaming

My friend:

Fowllow this to setup your facebook live and encoder:

1.Setup your facebook live.

2.Find out your facebook live rtmp url at Single Field.

3.Paste the RTMP URL to encoder ,enable ,and press setup botton.

4.Reboot the FBE200 ,and just go out for a rest 5-10 minutes .
It will working.

Have a good day.

I need help setting up facebook live fbe200

hello, i am josua, this first time i use the fbe200, have arrived and i need help to setting first time,
how to fill the empty box, please thelp me step by step to setup , thank you very much


hello ,Josua,
Could you watch the vedio on this post. it was uploaded by the admin.


My frined:
How do you want to use the fbe200?


dear friend : i want use to live facebook using for fbe200


dear friend please help me to set -up facebook live streaming used fbe200,


hello erin huang, i have wactch, but i have confused cause is diffrent


not working pls help me for facebook live


my friend:

give me you teamviewer.


Hello, there a guide to set device for facebook live, at the moment i can’t complete it