Fbe-200 with different resolution output

I have seven fbe200-H.264-LAN devices. Two of them will output at the desired resolution, but the remaining 5 will come up with a resolution that expands. The same symptom at the resolution setting of 1920 * 1080 is the same. The difference is that in the window display setting screen, the normal thing recognizes the device by SAMSUNG, and the abnormal output encoder recognizes it as CAPTURE.
I tried setting and firmware changes to fix this problem, but I could not fix it. I want to know how to fix it.
The equipment configuration is a simple configuration with one LED monitor connected to the PC and the FBE-200 connected. Attached below is a photograph.

My dear friend yang jung gil

Sorry, I only found your post now.
1.You can try to turn on the “automatic adjustment” function of the monitor first.
2.If you want to change your encoder, please contact the salesperson who sells the encoder to you.
3.Or you tell me he encoder you bought in which salesman.I asked her to contact you.

have a good day