FBE200 854x480 (480p 16:9) frame resolution


I’m using the FBE200 and 854x480 (480p 16:9) isn’t a selectable option, could this resolution be added in?


My friend:

Our enginner working it for you now.
if it done ,will back to you.

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Thats great, thanks!


I just tested it and looks like it works on Main and Ext streams. Would it be possible to add it on 3rd stream as well? I was just playing with it and managed to set the 3rd resolution to 854x480 while using 1280x720 on both the Main and Ext streams. The only NTSC 16:9 resolution currently selectable on 3rd stream is 720x404 which is not fully 480p (which is why 854x480 is good to have).