FBE200 Box does maintain a regular ping

Hello All,
We recently got our FBE200 IPTV FM USER and are excited to install it. However, when connecting the box, I don’t get a constant ping from the box and the admin portal is intermittently available. I am using the default IP address and the green light on the box keeps flashing and does not turn to a solid green. What could be going wrong? Please let me know if you have any questions.

I am using an IP Camera and using the RJ Ethernet cable to feed the camera signal into the box. Does it work with the IP camera RJ feed?

My dear friend

I’m very sorry to inform you.
IP camera guns can’t be used together with the encoder.
Encoder can only convert HDMI input video into IP stream.
You can’t use the RJ Ethernet to enter the video.

You can also tell me what you do.
I’m going to help you with the solution.

I hope I can help you

My dear friend

You can’t get the question of Constant Ping.I feel very sorry.
But I need more information to confirm this problem.
1.You can’t get a continuous Ping,Is this problem always happening or intermittent?Please send me a screenshot of your PING.
2.How does your encoder connect to your device?Give me a picture of the connection.
3.Send me a screenshot of your encoder’s management interface.
4.Are there any other devices in your LAN that take up the IP address of the encoder?

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