FBE200 + Canon VIXIA HF R800 Camera

We purchased the FBE200 to use for our play at church. We need to send video to a couple of the classrooms of the play. So, I purchased the FBE200 and plugged in a Roku to it via HDMI just to test out the quality, and performance. We had about 6 devices (TVs, laptops, iPads) all watching the stream VERY well through VLC / rtsp://…

So, we got a video camera that can be pointed at the stage that has HDMI output. If we plug the camera into a TV, boom, instant picture, no problem. But, when we plug it into the FBE2000 via HDMI, they never “negotiate” or connect via HDMI.

Is there any way to figure out what’s wrong with these two and why they won’t work together? I’ve got to get this working very quickly as the play is coming up soon.

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Try getting a cheap HDMI splitter and connect a TV to one port (or whichever one passes EDID to the device) and another port to the encoder.

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  1. What format is the video output from the camera? H.264? 1080P?
  2. When the camera is connected to FBE200, can you give me some pictures of the background management interface of FBE200?

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I have the Canon Vixia R800 and it is PERFECT with the FBE200, the problem I found was that when the HDMI cable is long I can not get an image.