FBE200 encoder supports SRT protocol firmware download

Will you upgrade encoder to enable SRT? Or will you do another version of encoder which is capable to stream SRT?

My dear friend

We have no plans to add SRT to FBE200 for the time being.
Can you tell me what you want to do with SRT?
We need to think about whether adding SRT is the function that people need.

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Hi Jimmy

Thank you for your response.
I do have 4 FBE200 which is used to stream.
I appreciate your product and great help to our company.
I think SRT capability will help us specially in realtime live conference.
Please do inform me if you will upgrade or make another product
that is capable to encode/decode SRT.

Chito Fontillas

I just wanted to second the request for SRT.
I use 12 - FBE200 for sending different remote feeds to different locations.
Having a Secure Reliable Transport would be great to ensure quality delivery of video streams.
SRT detects the real-time network performance between the encode/transcode endpoints and dynamically adjusts them for optimal stream performance and quality.

I’m happy with the FBE200 now, but I’d like it even more with SRT and if it worked with the FBE300 that would be excellent.


My dear friend

Now I can tell you that both fbe200 and fbe300 can support SRT protocol by upgrading firmware.
The fbe200 firmware supporting SRT has been developed and is now in the test phase.
It will be given to you for testing and use in about early June

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Jimmy, let me add a note here. SRT and ZIXI protocols are the most common these days. RTMP is on it’s way out and many are transitioning to SRT. It’s Open source which is great and Haivision has done an amazing job writing the code for SRT. This should be your top priority.

SRT does not suffer from issues over long distances whereas RTMP is quite limited. SRT is based on UDP transport and RTMP is based on TCP. Many chooses SRT because of inherent features like ARQ and bandwidth adaption. SRT is also compatible with WOWZA and ZIXI Broadcasters.


Could you please post a link for me to download and start testing the firmware that supports SRT on the fbe200 and fbe 300.

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Are you using fbe200 or fbe300?

I have 12 - fbe200 and 1 - fbe300 units.
I would test only 1 of each unit with the specific SRT beta firmware designed for each specific model.
I assume each model has it’s own firmware.
My current firmware on the fbe200 is at:E265-20181226-HLS
My current firmware on the fbe300 is at:TPlay-20191201-HLS

Is SRT protocol still in the development roadmap for the FBE200 & FBE300?
If so, I would be willing to beta test it when available.

I join, I am also interested in SRT support

@Nikolaj_Mojchenko @jayorder

The firmware supporting SRT is under development and is expected to be completed by the end of this month.
I’ll let you know when you’re done.
Please help with the test.

I would love to be included in that SRT beta as I have 6 sites that I stream Basketball Games and SRT would make a big difference.

Another one here who would love to see SRT implemented, along with other features (About to bump my own feature request post on those).

We use our FBE200 with vMix, as a camera source. Having SRT as an option would help streamline our productions by reducing the number of protocols we have to support, to just those with the lowest latency.

Also, recommendation that FMUser Should NOT support NDI-HX.
NDI is good, but uses too many system resources, NDI-HX is very very bad, for image quality and reliability.

@Nikolaj_Mojchenko @PiD_Media @James_Fleet @jayorder @jakobn @MCGI_Stream
FBE200 supports SRT firmware. I will send it to you for testing today or tomorrow.
I will also plan to add the DDNS function. Do you have a recommended service provider?

That’s great. I’m looking forward to testing the new version with SRT support.

This is the SRT supported firmware upgrade package for fbe200 E265.
At present, it is still in the testing stage. If we pursue stability, we suggest not to upgrade.
After upgrading this firmware, you can also restore to the normal firmware version by upgrading the firmware.

E265-20200837-HLS-FBE200-SRT.rar (4.0 MB)

Setting position of SRT:

Hello Jimmy,

Yes sir! Just let me know when I can download.

What is your fbe200 firmware version?

I have to look but I have the latest on all of my FMuser FBE200 Encoders. I have the H.264 and H.265 encoders.