FBE200-H.264 does not correctly indicate the firmware version


Hello. My fbe200-H.264-LAN wanted to update the firmware and in the line Device version:
E265-20181120-HLS, although it is not. When updating the firmware in the line “Device version:” nothing changes. How do I solve the problem?
Device ID:


I don’t think I understand your question. You say you have a fbe200-H.264-LAN but the display shows firmware installed for the E265. I don’t think that is correct. You need to download the correct version of firmware and then click on the System tab and upload that firmware to the unit. Here is a snapshot of my system tab.


I downloaded two firmware versions
Loaded both the first and second but nothing has changed. When switching to H265 stream does not go. Maybe I
bought the encoder with the wrong firmware.


Everything I have read about these devices tells me not to mix the firmware types. H.264 goes on the H.264 unit. H.265 goes on the H.265 unit. If you indead bought an H.264 unit then you should only be using the H.264 firmware. If you need H.265 then yes, you might have bought the wrong unit.