FBE200-H.264-HLS youtube issue

We have been trying to use FBE200 to stream to YouTube now for 8 months for 1 hour each Sunday, and it has had extremely varied results. We stream in 720p at 25 FPS, and we didnt change many settings on the FBE200, except to put our YouTube stream URL in.

for 90% of the hour it streams fine. For the other 10% the picture is blocky, and poor quality, and sometimes drops out altogether.

I did some diagnostic steps:

  1. Updated FBE to latest firmware
  2. reset FBE to defaults, and added our stream key again
  3. used wired connection to router instead of wireless
  4. ran a speed test while quality was bad on youtube (in case of bandwidth problem) - 10Mbps additional bandwidth was available on the speed test

Last Sunday, I disabled the YouTube stream function, and configured the FBE200 to output RTSP stream in 720p, and used ffmpeg on my PC to convert to RTMP and stream to YouTube with perfect results

Any ideas if I can get back to using my FBE200 without this extra step please?

My dear friend

I think it is very likely that it is the reason for the network.
You can try to connect to the encoder using a wired network.
Because wireless networks are easily affected by the surrounding environment, resulting in lower bandwidth

have a good day

Hi simon,
I have one of these and works with out issue. Have you tried streaming at a different time or day for an hour? It seems to work fine in RTSP or even trying the 3rd or ext to stream from.

Yes I’ve tried at a few different times of the day, no difference.

I could try it with a different stream, I don’t think I tried that yet