FBE200-H.264-LAN no video LAN


using VLC Media Player in Windows 10 with VLC add-on in FIrefox.
First Test with DVD player connected to FBE200 and found fine on LAN and played video and audio.
Moved to another building and connected to HDMI Video Splitter via HDMI cable and network cable plugged into switch. Able to ping FBE200 on network and can get to config/setup page of device ok.
When I run VLC media player and select Network option and enter rtsp:// and run I get no video response. I limited datastream to rtsp - ext option and disable all others. Changed UDP to TCP under Access Tab for RTSP port option.

FBE200 unit has green light on signal input.

Any help would be appreciated.

Steve Swope

here is debug messages from VLC player:
main debug: no art finder modules matched
qt debug: IM: Setting an input
live555 debug: connection timeout
live555 error: Failed to connect with rtsp://
main debug: no access_demux modules matched
main debug: creating access: rtsp://
main debug: (path: \\ext)
main debug: looking for access module matching “rtsp”: 25 candidates
satip debug: try to open 'rtsp://’
satip debug: connect to host '’
main debug: net: connecting to port 554
main debug: connection succeeded (socket = 1352)
main debug: net: opening datagram port 9094
main debug: net: opening datagram port 9095


FBE200ScreenShot.pdf (202.3 KB)