FBE200 H.265 not recognize any Video signal

Hello there,
I’ve just received my brand new FBE200 to broadcast my Camera on my app and website.

once i’ve done setting everything up - the device doesnt receive or detect the Video signal while it does detect the audio signal.
i’ve tried several HDMI cables and several HDMI sources (like ANdroid TV box, Roku etc…)
none of them are getting detected.

Here is the STATUS of the device, any ideas how to solve this? is my device is faulty

My dear friend

Please press and hold the reset button on the front panel of fbe200 for 5 seconds to restore the fbe200 to the factory settings, and then test again.

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Please use a 2 way hdmi splitter.

Even after resetting the device - i dont see any video feed

My dear friend

  1. Can you use a computer or laptop as an HDMI source input to the fbe200 for testing?

  2. If the HDMI source is still not working with the computer, we can use TeamViewer, and I can remotely check the fbe200 problem.

have a good day

Hello again,

Even with a laptop connected via HDMI to the FBE200 - i still dont get any video output.

Yes we can do a teamviewer to check the issue. can you contact me via my email to continue the work?

Aviram @ 100fm .co.il


hello, how can i reach you for further help me fix my problem?

Please pay attention to private messages of the forum.
Or you can email me directly support@fmuser.com