Fbe200-h264 HLS I have problems with the configuration wifi-fmuser fbe200 hls 264 just bought

I have configured the lan part of the fbe200 264 hsl ,and it works correctly with you tube . with the lan connection everything ok, but I have problems with the configuration wifi.i as soon as I enter the required values ip, subnet gateway essd, encryption and password, save and restart the 'fbe200 is no longer reachable by cable lan or wireless. I’m sorry because I have to ask ali express the partial refund as soon as purchased from your online store fmuser .
Could you help me maybe the firmware is corrupted could you tell me where to download the latest updated version.
or give me some suggestions

ound solution settled problem. It was a wrong configuration of parameters now the wifi works properly and transmits. Everything ok and working I apologize for the trouble