FBE200-h265 or h264


Hi, Have problems on this two models of encoder.

The encoder no recognize de Input audio sample of 48000hz. Always on restart the encoder recognize the input source like 44100, I have to restart the encoder several times until recognize the correct value. When this happens, the audio sounds bad, deeper than the original. if I do not do infinite restarts of the equipment it is fixed only after an indefinite time, it can be 5 minutes or 30 minutes and it manages to recognize the audio correctly and it changes to 48000. Sometimes it works on the first try.

The problem is with an Cisco D985 ( I have 30 of this with the same problem) connected by HDMI.

How can I force it to correctly recognize the input to 48000?


My dear friend

Some cameras are like this: the audio sampling is 44.1K at startup and 48K at sound input.

So there are two solutions:

  1. When your camera is working properly, restart the encoder and the audio sampling can be recognized as 48K.

  2. Tell me your FBE200 firmware version number (screenshot). I’ll give you a firmware with a forced audio sampling of 48K to upgrade your FBE200.

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Here is the versión number…

Thanks!.. I wait for the firmware


My dear friend

This firmware is mandatory audio sampling 48K, please upgrade the test.
20190527-FBE200-H265-Audio Sampling Forced 48K.zip (3.3 MB)

If the problem is not solved, please let me know.

have a good day