FBE200 have problem by hours



We have 2 FMUSER IPTV FBE200 working fine all the day, but about 7PM to 10PM (GMT -5) all days, both IPTV encoders begin to freeze and bad image randomly.

I was thinking that the ISP is the problem, but we have another 2 IPTV encoders of other manufacturer that work without problem at this time.

What could be the problem?


My dear friend

What protocol does your FBE200 use at work?
If RTMP is used, it may be an ISP problem.
Maybe every day at this fixed time, someone uses a lot of bandwidth.

Attempts to reduce the encoder stream should solve this problem.

When the video is frozen, you can try to use VLC to observe the RTSP stream of FBE200 to check the encoder.

have a good day