FBE200 high profile as RTMP to youtube?


Hi, i have problem with High Profile mode with streaming to youtube. Stream lag.
My encoder is FBE200-H.265-HLS.


I had the same issue (I think so from what you say) sometimes the picture would go all blocky, and it definitely wasnt a network issue, it is some issue with the FBE200.

Since then I tried a few times using the RTSP stream from the box, using FFMPEG to re-encode and send to the RTMP youtube URL, and that has worked a lot better. No blocky patches anymore, just some A/V sync issues periodically - but the RTSP stream is fine with A/V sync, so that makes me conclude there is an issue with RTMP streaming on these boxes


Same issue for me: can’t use High Profile when streaming to Youtube. Setting to Main works fine.


I’m successfully using 1920x1080 CBR FPS 30, GOP 30, 8000kbit/s main profile for YouTube streaming. Same parameters but 1280x720 and 5000kbit/s works for Facebook Live. My input is 1080i59.94 SDI converted to HDMI RGB444 with a Decimator MD-HX. I have not yet seen A/V sync issues (the encoder probably has not been running long enough yet).

I’ve found sometimes the encoder will loose A/V sync depending on the input format. Specifically if it’s 1080p60 HDMI (or 3G SDI 1080p60). On another project streaming to an SRS RTMP server I had to switch the input format to 720p30 to prevent loss of A/V sync.

This might not be related, but when using high profile it might be exaggerating the same sync issue without having to wait for a week of constant streaming.