FBE200 Live stream to Facebook (Canan sx530 hs)


I am attempting to set up my Canon sx530 hs camera to my computer to live stream on facebook. I purchased the TV FMUSER FBE200 unit and hooked it up as directed in the instructions. Once hooked up I changed the IP addresses as instructed and imputed the RTMP from the desired Facebook live account into the encoder access tab. However after all that I am unable to go live. Is there something I missed?

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Please give me some screenshots of the day after tomorrow’s management interface of fbe200.
That helps me figure out the problem
Or we can set up TeamViewer for you remotely

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Yes lets please set up a Team Viewer. How do I do that?

If not attached our screen shots of the set up I have on

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When can you be online?
Let’s do TeamViewer

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I can be online tomorrow (5/28) at 1:30pm EST. Does that work?

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I’m sorry.I am in China.
Because est. 1:30pm is 1.20am of China time
So I’m resting. I’m not online、

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Understood, how about 8pm tomorrow (which I think is 8am Friday for you)

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Tomorrow’s est. 8:00pm, Saturday morning 8:00 Chinese time
We’re on vacation on Saturday

I saw the screenshot of your settings. There are two settings that may be problematic
1)The RTMP URL of FBE200 should be set to Facebook server URL + stream key. Are you like this?
2)RTMP does not support h.265, please set encode to H.264

You’d better give me a screenshot of the status of the fbe200 background management interface

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My message was from yesterday. 8pm today should be 8am for you on Friday. Would that time work?

I have changed the settings you referenced several times trying to get the system to work. I am certain I have tried H.264 at some point with no success. I would like to speak hopefully 8pm TODAY works

Now, for the next 10 hours, I’m online

Let’s try again today. I will be on starting at 9pm EST, which i believe is 9am for you. When I am on how do I get on TeamViewer?

Are you still online?