FBE200 loses signal frequently


We have several FBE200 devices with DirectTV input and all of them frequently lose their signal and have to be rebooted manually to correct the issue. We can always ping the FBE200 when the signal drops, but sometimes we can’t get to the web management interface so we unplug/plug the FBE200. Other times we CAN get to the web management to do a soft reboot. Both fix the issue but it happens a lot which is no good. We’re running the latest firmware: E265-20171121-HLS and have played with the Soft Watchdog setting but nothing seems to work. Any idea of why this would be happening so frequently (almost every day). Thanks in advance.


What’s your lan setup?
Maybe be a bandwidth issue or you router(overload)
Just run one device and see if it stays up and gradually add other devices.


I have also seen the FBE200 devices lose the signal and has to be rebooted manually for it to work. I can usually get to the web management to do a soft reboot - i notice that the interrupt count goes to 0 and never goes up until i reboot the device. I am interested to see what may be causing this as well…

Software Watchdog has been OPEN Or ON on both of my devices, yet they still seem to lose the video feed after a few days or hours. How can we troubleshoot these?


I am not an employee but I wonder if it is hdcp coming from the receiver?
could try using a camera or some other source to test?


Sorry to hijack this post btw! @Ruit_Bier i hope both of our issues are related!

@Shane_Jones We are using our own PCs that do not use HDCP to output its video output.
The thing is, the encoder works fine when rebooted, but it eventually loses the feed… i wonder what can be causing it…

it would be nice to see some kind of log files of the software :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


@klee, no worries, sounds like very similar issues! @Shane_Jones, thanks for the input, we are only using a single FBE200 in our LAN (we have others in remote office, separate LANs). Yes, after the encoder is rebooted, everything works fine for a day or so then we lose it. We’ve tried several FBE200 devices as well to rule out a defective unit. Any other thoughts? Yes, log files might prove useful!


I am lost, the longest I have ever run for was 10hrs and no loss. When there video loss can you still access the encoder? Are you streaming to a service or point to point? Maybe try the older firmware if possible.


Same problem here, I loose connection when I turn off my Directv Box (I am stripping HDCP with an HDMI splitter) , if I leave it On I have no problem, but everytime I turn off the box I have to soft reboot the FBE200, right know I am thing on adding a smart plug or IR plug to the FM user so it automatically reboots when I start my DIRECTV via Logitech Harmony. Hope a firmware update can fix this


I’m running units off an ATSC tuner (one is 1080i6, the other is 720p60) and they run for weeks, probably even months at a time between reboots. Last time I updated firmware was in 2017/06 and I only recall restarting them less than five times.


@Ruit_Bier i think i may have solved my problem. I had realized that my display unit turns off at night time by default, so it must be losing the video feed at night and perhaps the long duration of it being off might be the problem. I have set the displays to never turn off and i have not seen it crashing and needing reboots since.


Yes, thats a solution but thats not the solution, because for example in my case I use it to vie my DIRECTV box, and I want to keep off while I am not watching