FBE200 No Power - does not power on

Hi guys,

We ordered 4 x FBE200 and the first one I opened has a power problem. The power supply itself has a green steady light when it is not connected to the FBE200. When I connect the Power Supply to the FBE200 the Green light on the Power Supply becomes faint and starts to blink. There are no lights on the FBE200.

I measured the voltage from the power supply and it reads 12.45 Volt. Plus is on the inner pin of the connector. I also tried the Mini USB input with no success.

Have other people reported the same issue?


My dear friend

Do you have the same problem in the four fbe200 you ordered?
Or is there only one that has this problem?

have a good day

I haven’t tried the other 3 yet…will do next week.