FBE200 open ports


Hi there,
I am about to deploy one of these in a secure environment. I scanned for open ports on the FBE200 and found the following unexpected ports open:
Port 8080 (nginx 1.10.1)
Port 9090 gSOAP 2.8
Port 23 (gives login prompt via telnet)

Can you tell us what these ports are used for and how we can secure them if needed? Port23 is the most troubling.


FBE200 Telnet access

Well, port 8080 is not unexpected, that is the port where HLS stream is served out.


Good to know. I don’t use HLS.


My friends:

8080 prot is for HLS Stream served out.
9090 prot is for ONVIF
23 prot is for telnet to equipment management(fatory use) ,not need to mapped 23 prot to the public network


would like to see some sort of ssh remote management interface for system resets via scripts for backend servers.


My friend:

sorry ,now it is only for manufactory upgrade system.
We will consider your suggestion, but it is not yet in the plan.

have a good day.