FBE200 Power Issue?


I just received my FBE200-H.265-Wifi today. I plugged the included power adapter into the encoder and it makes a high pitched ticking noise. The red power indicator light flashes steadily with the noise and after a few seconds becomes rapid with the noise increasing at the same pace. I plugged in a network cable between it and a computer and no lights come on. The computer network adapter show a cable is unplugged. Is this normal or should I send it back?


my friend:

Don’t worry it ,try to use a 5V micro usb power to Eliminate the problem of powersupply.

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Thanks for the reply tomlee. I initially tried using 5V micro usb to power the FBE200 and the power light would not come on. The box makes a high pitched screech when using usb power. I tired 3 different 5v usb power bricks and the FBE200 made the same noise and the power light would not come on. Should I return it to Amazon?


My friend
I sorry for it , please return it to amazon and buy another on fbe200.

it looks the power board is not woK good .

haveA good day.