FBE200 Problems


I have previously used a FBE200 to stream a HDMI signal from a laptop into a DISH Smartbox. It worked with no problems. We purchased some more units to do the same thing and are having an issue with the newer units. I don’t think it is a bad FBE200 because I tried 2 different ones and it is doing the same thing.

I am thinking it may be something with the firmware on the newer units. That’s preety much the only difference I see.
I found the firmware download page but it appears I can’t download the older version to try that. Is it possible to try the older firmware to see if that’s the problem or do you have a different suggestion?

The unit that works with no problems had a black case and shows firmware E264-20171121

The newer units have a red case and show firmware E265-20181214-HLS

Not sure what the HLS stands for can you tell me?

With the new one we get a picture that looks like a resolution problem. However all the settings programmed in the new units are exactly the same as the older unit. The laptop feeding the device is the same and we were testing them at the same smartbox location. The cables used were also the same.



I have attached some pictures and screen shots.


Also just noticed the screenshot of the newer unit (bottom picture) is while I had it set to 720. Which I tried several different resolutions just to see if that would fix it. All resolution settings gave the same result just a smaller 4:3 format of the bad picture when I tried 480.

Here is the other screenshot of newer unit.


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  1. HLS represents that FBE200 can use HLS protocol.
  2. The new version of firmware has better stability and compatibility than the old version.
    I think the problem should have nothing to do with firmware versions.
  3. In the picture you sent me, I found that the new coder Interrupt count is 0,
    which means that there is a problem with video input.
    It may be due to your HDMI line or video source. Can you check it?
  4. Can you test it with VLC first?
    Make sure the video stream from FBE200 is OK.
  5. Or let’s go to TeamViewer, let me see where the problem is happening.

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Just to let you know the HDMI signal feeding into the unit is good. It works with no problems connected to the older FBE200. It also checks out good on a HDMI video analyzer monitor. I can go back out and check it with vlc if you would like. What do I need to do and make sure I have set up on my laptop to make the vlc work in that browser window?