FBE200 Scrambled Video Output

I’m having an issue with some FBE200 units where they only display scrambled/out-of-sync video


I’m converting 800x600 VGA output out of a Windows computer to HDMI via a converter. The converter then connects to the FBE200. I have the unit set to expect a fixed 800x600 resolution but that is all I get.

I’ve connected a monitor to the HDMI output and it looks good there. The FBE200 works fine with direct HDMI input from a laptop.

This unit was working for a few years until recently.

Any clues?

My dear friend

It should be the reason for the VGA to HDMI converter.
What model of converter do you use?
You can test with a new converter?

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The output from the converter looks fine when tested with a local HDMI monitor. So assumed the converter was OK. I have the exact same model converter working fine on 3 other computer connecting to FBE200 units.

Converter being used.

I have another one on the way to test with. Is there anything specific I should look for in the converter? to ensure compatibility.