FBE200 settings for Cocoscope


Cocoscope is a new site aimed at content creators, run by content creators.


For anyone who has an account there and wants to stream live,…

  1. Go to user Dashboard
  2. Scroll down and choose “Stream with OBS”
  3. Go to the web console of your FBE200
  4. Go to ‘Access’ tab, scroll down to Main, Ext or third stream.
  5. Make sure the stream is set to ‘URL Mode’.
  6. Copy the ‘Address’ from the Cocoscope page in to the “RTMP Push URL” field of the FBE200.
  7. Add a " / " to the end of the url you just pasted, in the same field of the FBE200
  8. Copy the ‘Stream Key’ from Cocoscope and add to the end of the Push url in the FBE200
  9. Enable the stream in the FBE200.
  10. Wait. Wait some more. Wait a little bit longer.
  11. On Cocoscope the preview will change from the background image to the live video once the stream arrives at the server.
  12. Go Live by pressing ‘Start’ on Cocoscope page.

In essence it works exactly like the URL mode on Youtube, and you just have to remember the forward slash between the url and the stream key.

I tested over the last few days, and with some back and forth from the Cocoscope team, we got a bug corrected one their servers and a functional test stream sent to them, and played back via a seperate download path :slight_smile:

AKA PiD Media.