FBE200 used on location

Hi All!
So this past weekend, we were set up at Winton Motor Raceway outside Benella here in Victoria Australia.
My FBE200 was used most of the time as an input source to our vMix PC, and out to Youtube, but for two of our streams, it was hooked up between camera and Netgear MR1100 4G modem, streaming directly to Facebook.
Here’s the link to the first one, where it was power via USB (before I broke the USB port :frowning: ), and gaffer taped to the tripod the camera operator was carrying.

Note - no crossover cable is needed - the FBE200 and MR1100 auto-negotiate the method for the IP Ports to operate, so only a short ethernet cable is used to connect them.

To see where we used the FBE200 the rest of the weekend, look at the four “Formula SAE” videos on this page - the FBE200 is the manned camera, while the fixed camera angles are four Hikvision IP Cameras.