FBE200 video preview window Blank


Hi Sir,
FBE200 video preview window blank. any help please?
Device Version: E264-20170720



My friend:

These 2 topic will help you about it :slight_smile:

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Hi Tomlee
yes I try chrome with ie tab working now…after that edge also working.



it seem’s i’ve got the same issue with all browsers . is there a solution using FireFox ?
In my case FBE200 preview doesn’t works with any browser


My friend:

Why not just use VLC.
The browser sometimes make more problem when you need it work.

check it here:

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I bought this good to have a ‘all in one’ simple product.

Right now nothing work fine ( can’t see the input, can’t stream, can’t update firmeware and no way to know why it bug )

Is there simple way to test it and be sure my product works ?


My friend:

You buy is indeed a very professional equipment, which may need to spend a lot of your research time, but sometimes study a fresh thing can make life funny, How do you think?

if you want to check it ,use the VLC to check it if the network is good.
Click it here: How to view you streaming with VLC to check the hdmi video encoder

But if your network is not work on 192.168.1.X , you need to try setting it carefully follow the Manual.

Have a good day.