FBE200 Video / Sound Sync


I am experiencing out of sync video and sound (no lip sync) using the FBE200, using RTSP with
HDMI Video+sound source. The delay in sound is sometimes minimal, but will fluctuate up to several seconds.

Can you please help out?

FBE200 settings:

Device status

Device ID: 0A10180524000605
Device version: E265-20181226-HLS
Video info: 1080P60
Interrupt count: 0
Lost count: 0
Audio status: enable
Audio count: 11031552

Audio info

Audio input: HDMI audio
Audio sample(hz): 48000
Audio channel: 2
Resample(hz): 48000
Encode: MP3
Bitrate(bps): 128000

|Audio input:|| HDMI Audio
| — | — |
|Resample(hz):|| disable
|Audio encode:|| MP3 128kbps


|Mirror&Flip:|| disable
| — | — |
|Deinterlace:|| disable

Main media

|Encode:|| H.265
| — | — |
|Encode profile:|| Main Profile
|Resolution:|| 1024x576
|FPS(fps):|[5-60]| 30
|Bitrate ctrl:|| CBR
|Bitrate(kbps):|[50-12000]| 1024

My dear friend

I’m very sorry,My reply is slow
Because last two weeks was Chinese Spring Festival, I was on holiday

I can see from the picture that the fbe200 has not detected the audio input.
Is your audio source from HDMI or line in?

have a good day

Hello Jimmy,

Thank you fir your attention!
I tried both ways using HDMI and Line in.
Line in seems most stable with the least delay on sound, but for the way we want to use it, the extra cable is very unconfortable.
HDMI sound has the biggest delay up to several seconds. sometimes it starts reasonable but after 5 to 10 minutes the delay starts to get to an anoying level.

Kind regards

My dear friend

First of all, we need to find out where the problem of asynchronous audio and video is caused. It may be fbe200, or it may be your signal source or the format of the signal source and fbe200 is not compatible

In my experience, this problem is more likely to come from your signal source

We can test the fbe200 separately from your signal source

  1. FBE200 uses other signal sources for testing, such as laptops
  2. Your signal source is tested with a monitor

If there is no problem in separate test, it is the format compatibility of signal source and fbe200

have a good day

Hello Jimmy,

I am experiencing the asynchronous sound using a laptop as a source, (i tried multiple laptops as a source). I also tried another (brand new) FBE200 device, this made no difference

What do you mean with 2. Your signal source is tested with a monitor ??

Kind regards