Feature Request?

I have no idea where to ask this, so I’ll post it here an hope Jimmy sees it. :slight_smile:

For when we’re setting up a live stream, I’d like to be able to use the OSD&LOGO function to show a static image, before the event starts.

I can do that now with an input connected to HDMI, and load a BMP file to the LOGO that is 1920x1080 and uses zero X and Y offset.

The feature request would be, to be able to do the same, when there is no input connected to the HDMI port, such as may occur if the camera or PC supplying the signal needs to be restarted or switched off, or has not been connected yet.

An option to have that logo automatically start after a delay if the input is lost would also be very useful, as it would stop the servers at Youtube or Facebook from detecting the failure of the stream.

Is this possible to add to a future firmware?

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Your requirement is that when there is no HDMI signal input, the fbe200 can also output streaming video, right?

Can you tell me what happens when youtube and Facebook detect a stream failure?

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Close to,…

When no HDMI input, can we stream a Logo that we’ve uploaded to the FBE200.

When Youtube (etc) see there’s no stream from the device, they time out and stop the stream, so one then has to go through all the set up to create a new stream event.

If instead, when the FBE200 sees No Input, it was to swap to the logo file, Youtube would not detect a failed stream - such as when the Camera has shut down to change battery.

I’m going to load up a Logo file of 1920x1080 sized for a drag racing live stream on the 23rd of November, and will post the link here to illustrate how it can look :slight_smile:

If I do a test before then, I’ll post that link.

My dear friend

I see
It will be a little difficult to display the logo file directly
But I can do that when the fbe200 has no HDMI output, the stream output is blue screen
So YouTube doesn’t detect a stream fault

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Mate, that would be AWESOME! :slight_smile: