Firmware download


where do i go to download the latest firmware


hello my friend:

here is the download of firmeware :slight_smile:
FMUSER iptv Encoder FBE200 last Firmware Upgrade List for Download

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I can not seem to update the firmware on my FBE200-h.264-HLS, when i go to update the file after I have selected it, it tells me to please select firmware file.

Could you please let me know what I am doing wrong, and please send me the direct link to the correct firmware?

Thank you


my friend:

you need to Unzip the RAR files.

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It does not give me an option to unzip? What are the steps to do that?


I keep getting upload failed? The file I am trying to use is attached, is that the correct file?

EApp.bin (2.1 MB)


my friend:

try this one :


Thank you that seemed to work


Just to confirm this is the current version
Current version: