Firmware: E265-20171216-hls? model: fbe200-h.265-hls

We have bought a fbe200-h.265-hls (wi-fi), at 03/2018, we have sell it on customers.
Once a day, encoder freeze and it’s necessary reboot it.

  1. I have check firmware version, and it’s ‘E265-20171216-hls’, I search on this site, but I not found it, why?

  2. Which is the last firmware for fbe200-h.265-hls (wi-fi) ?

  3. Is it possible to set a scheduled restart?

Thanks at all.

hello, I understand that there was the firmware 2018 05 15, could you send me by email please?

Sorry I’m not understand (maybe my english is bad). Could you explain better?

anybody have information about my question?

anybody have information about my question?