Firmware FBE200-h.264-hls


hello, i need the last firmware to FBE200-h.264-hls


my friend:

please send me the vesion.

have a good day.


hi, this is my device version : AVC-20170609


this is my device version AVC-20170609-HLS


My friend:

The firmeware is here, but we found you encoder is the newest now .
What is the problem ?

FMUSER iptv Encoder FBE200 last Firmware Upgrade List for Download


your firmware DL page is very confusing, this is a main point of contact with your customers who have purchased

put the newest versions at the top of the page, and explain which one to choose based on likely use cases

reorganize that page and you will have happier life


I too have the AVC-20170609-HLS which is labeled as FBE200-H.264-HLS in the title of the page. I would like to upgrade the firmware to see if some of the issues I’ve had are resolved but don’t know which one to get since it looks like the naming has changed or maybe there are more models. Can you link to the correct one? Thanks.


My friend:

Download HEVC-FBE200-H.264-wifi-HLS here:


Hello Ineed a new Version for my 4 encoders fbe200 h264 encoder.

happy new year